National Art Education Convention 2009


Jan and I are standing in front our poster session at the NAEA convention in Minneapolis. We co-presented at the convention on arts based service-learning in an international setting. It was my first experience at a NAEA conference. It was a blast!

Being around so many other art educators is not only inspirational, but you are exposed to a ton of innovative lessons and ways to advocate for the arts in your school and community. Plus, my favorite as a new discover the (oh, so important) little tips and tricks to teaching lessons that other teachers have already discovered in their own practice!

Service-Learning Experiences

Service-Learning- Is both a teaching method and a learning process that combines community service and academic learning. It is rooted in academic courses which are based on curricular concepts, theories, and methods. Service-learning focuses on critical thinking, reflective thinking, civic responsibility, commitment to the community, personal and career growth, and an understanding of larger social thinking. It meets a community-identified need that contributes to a positive change (Falcon, 2008).

Mayan Arts Program, 2008, Guatemala

I collaborated with a small group of studio art majors, art education students, political science majors, and practicing teachers to construct art lessons that helped strengthen community needs abroad in Guatemala. The Mayan Arts Program as created in order to help native Mayans take pride in their cultural heritage by realizing their own unique potential to express, create and share a part of themselves in a way that is valued by others. Other key concepts included gender equity, environmental stewardship, and the importance of establishing and maintaining a collaborative and supportive community.

Southerland Assisted Living Home, 2007

As part of an arts based service-learning course, our class was divided into groups were we were sent to various places within the community to use art to assist areas in need.